Hyper Realism by Johannes Wessmark

Johannes Wessmark is a famous Swedish painter that works in a Hyper Realistic style. As all artists that can work in this rather difficult style dedicates a good deal of his works to the female body. He uses acrylic, oil and colored pencils to make a very realistic compositions

At the beginning of his career, he was working as an illustrator for 15 years.

This is how he describes his style:

“The techniques I use are watercolor, colored pencils, oil and gouache. The colored pencils have always been my favorite tool, although I have painted many watercolors and air-brush paintings through the years. My first model-painting “Emmy resting” is a good example of the mix between air-brushed gouache and colored pencils.”

Johannes Wessmark_01

Johannes Wessmark_02

Johannes Wessmark_03

Johannes Wessmark_05


Johannes Wessmark_06

Johannes Wessmark_07

Johannes Wessmark_08

Johannes Wessmark_09

Johannes Wessmark_10

Johannes Wessmark_11

Johannes Wessmark_12

Johannes Wessmark_13

Johannes Wessmark_14

Johannes Wessmark_15

Johannes Wessmark_16

Johannes Wessmark_17

Johannes Wessmark_18

Johannes Wessmark_19

Johannes Wessmark_20

Johannes Wessmark_21

Johannes Wessmark_22

Johannes Wessmark_23

Johannes Wessmark_24

Johannes Wessmark_25

Johannes Wessmark_26

Johannes Wessmark_27

Johannes Wessmark_28

Johannes Wessmark_29

Johannes Wessmark_30

Johannes Wessmark_31

Johannes Wessmark_32


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