TRULS ESPEDAL: oil and acrylic

TRULS ESPEDAL is a painter from Norway, who is painting with oil and acrylic. He tends to depict object and people in a very symmetric manner. Despite the plain theme, his pictures convey a very melancholic and spiritual message.
Truls Espedal_01 Truls Espedal_02 Truls Espedal_03 Truls Espedal_04 Truls Espedal_05 Truls Espedal_06 Truls Espedal_07 Truls Espedal_08 Truls Espedal_09 Truls Espedal_10 Truls Espedal_11 Truls Espedal_12 Truls Espedal_13 Truls Espedal_14 Truls Espedal_15 Truls Espedal_16 Truls Espedal_17 Truls Espedal_18 Truls Espedal_19


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