Surrealism by Vladimir Kush

Vladimir Kush is a Russian painter that is working in Surrealistic style.

He was born in Moscow, but at that time Surrealism was not popular in Russia and the artist moved to States. At that time he met a businessman from France who helped him to exhibit his works in Hong Kong. After that Vladimir Kush became a world known painter.

Vladimir is a recognized master of Surrealism and he is regarded as a Russian Dali.

Kush_01 Kush_02 Kush_03 Kush_04 Kush_05 Kush_06 Kush_07 Kush_08 Kush_09 Kush_10 Kush_11 Kush_12 Kush_13 Kush_14 Kush_15 Kush_16 Kush_17 Kush_18 Kush_19 Kush_20 Kush_21 Kush_22 Kush_23 Kush_24 Kush_25 Kush_26 Kush_27 Kush_28 Kush_29 Kush_30 Kush_31 Kush_32


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