Travelling with Maja Wronska

Maja Wronska is a young Polish painter that is working with watercolors. Her pictures are so-called a look book for people who want to travel, because she manages to skillfully paint the most beautiful places in Europe.

She particularly pays attention to architecture side of the cities she visits. Maja spends a lot of time on picturing all the details that belong to the building or the place she paints. Apart from the detalization of the object, her works look very light and transparent.

Maja Wronska_01 Maja Wronska_02 Maja Wronska_03 Maja Wronska_04 Maja Wronska_05 Maja Wronska_06 Maja Wronska_07 Maja Wronska_08 Maja Wronska_09 Maja Wronska_10 Maja Wronska_11 Maja Wronska_12 Maja Wronska_13 Maja Wronska_14 Maja Wronska_15 Maja Wronska_16 Maja Wronska_17 Maja Wronska_18 Maja Wronska_19 Maja Wronska_20 Maja Wronska_21 Maja Wronska_22 Maja Wronska_23 Maja Wronska_24 Maja Wronska_25 Maja Wronska_26 Maja Wronska_27 Maja Wronska_28 Maja Wronska_29 Maja Wronska_30 Maja Wronska_31 Maja Wronska_32 Maja Wronska_33 Maja Wronska_34 Maja Wronska_35 Maja Wronska_36 Maja Wronska_37 Maja Wronska_38


3 thoughts on “Travelling with Maja Wronska

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