Old fashioned cities and cars by Alan Fearnley

Alan Fearnley is an painter that is keen at painting retro cars in the retro environment. His works bring us to the times when people lived a very outgoing life, dressing up fancy and driving around the night city. On the contrary, the painter pictures people who live in the country side and work on the field.

Fearnley was born in Yorkshire, and studied at Batley College of Art.

Alan Fearnley_01 Alan Fearnley_02 Alan Fearnley_03 Alan Fearnley_04  Alan Fearnley_06 Alan Fearnley_07 Alan Fearnley_08 Alan Fearnley_09 Alan Fearnley_10 Alan Fearnley_11 Alan Fearnley_12 Alan Fearnley_13 Alan Fearnley_14 Alan Fearnley_15 Alan Fearnley_16 Alan Fearnley_17 Alan Fearnley_18 Alan Fearnley_19 Alan Fearnley_20 Alan Fearnley_21 Alan Fearnley_22 Alan Fearnley_23


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