Nature by Romona Youngquist

Romona Youngquist is a contemporary painter born in 1960 in California. She spent her childhood surrounded by the nature. She was walking in the forest with her dog, learning about colors and shapes, admiring all the things created by the nature. Then she tried to draw everything that she saw.

The matter of fact her life did not change so much since those times. Now she lives with her family and spends her free time walking with her dog and enjoying the nature around.

Romona Youngquist_01 Romona Youngquist_02 Romona Youngquist_03 Romona Youngquist_04 Romona Youngquist_05 Romona Youngquist_06 Romona Youngquist_07 Romona Youngquist_08 Romona Youngquist_09 Romona Youngquist_10 Romona Youngquist_11 Romona Youngquist_12 Romona Youngquist_13 Romona Youngquist_14 Romona Youngquist_15 Romona Youngquist_16 Romona Youngquist_17

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