Watercolors by Pantelis Zografos

Pantelis Zografos is a contemporary painter from Greece, that uses that Greek landscape as a main subject matter for his works.

He does not live in Greece for the last 30 years, but his love to his home country is explicitly reflected on his works. Beautiful weather, warm sea and gorgeous nature are painted using bold colors to create an amazing image of Greece.

The painter is very famous in US and throughout the country.

Pantelis Zografos_01 Pantelis Zografos_02 Pantelis Zografos_03 Pantelis Zografos_04 Pantelis Zografos_05 Pantelis Zografos_06 Pantelis Zografos_07 Pantelis Zografos_08 Pantelis Zografos_09 Pantelis Zografos_10 Pantelis Zografos_11 Pantelis Zografos_12 Pantelis Zografos_13 Pantelis Zografos_14 Pantelis Zografos_15 Pantelis Zografos_16 Pantelis Zografos_17 Pantelis Zografos_18 Pantelis Zografos_19 Pantelis Zografos_20


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