French watercolors by Thierry Duval

Thierry Duval is a French painter who manages to create highly realistic pictures using watercolors. He combines photo realism with the warms and radiance of Impressionism.

He paints from the early childhood, and started his artistic career as an illustrator. Now he works for a famous advertising agency in Paris and exhibits his art around the world.

Thierry Duval_01 Thierry Duval_02 Thierry Duval_03 Thierry Duval_04 Thierry Duval_05 Thierry Duval_06 Thierry Duval_07 Thierry Duval_08 Thierry Duval_10 Thierry Duval_12 Thierry Duval_13 Thierry Duval_14 Thierry Duval_15 Thierry Duval_16 Thierry Duval_17 Thierry Duval_18 Thierry Duval_19 Thierry Duval_20 Thierry Duval_21 Thierry Duval_22 Thierry Duval_23 Thierry Duval_24 Thierry Duval_25 Thierry Duval_26 Thierry Duval_27 Thierry Duval_28 Thierry Duval_29 Thierry Duval_30 Thierry Duval_31

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