Grey landscapes by Liu Maoshan

Liu Maoshan is Chinese painter that combines the classical landscape with the hint of the Impressionism. Usually his works are rather cold and grey, which can be caused by his perception of the world or just strict Chinese landscapes that are so typical for the Southern China.

Liu Maoshan_01

Liu Maoshan_02

Liu Maoshan_03

Liu Maoshan_04

Liu Maoshan_05

Liu Maoshan_06

Liu Maoshan_07

Liu Maoshan_08

Liu Maoshan_09

Liu Maoshan_10

Liu Maoshan_11

Liu Maoshan_12

Liu Maoshan_13

Liu Maoshan_14

Liu Maoshan_16

Liu Maoshan_17

Liu Maoshan_18

Liu Maoshan_19

Liu Maoshan_20

Liu Maoshan_21

Liu Maoshan_23

Liu Maoshan_24

Liu Maoshan_25

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