Spanish art by Ana Munoz Reyes

Ana Munoz Reyes is a Spanish painter, who was born and raised in Madrid.

Her style could be defined as a lyrical and mystical realism complemented by the technique used by the Impressionists.

Ana Munoz Reyes_02 Ana Munoz Reyes_03 Ana Munoz Reyes_04 Ana Munoz Reyes_05 Ana Munoz Reyes_06 Ana Munoz Reyes_07 Ana Munoz Reyes_08 Ana Munoz Reyes_09 Ana Munoz Reyes_10 Ana Munoz Reyes_11 Ana Munoz Reyes_12 Ana Munoz Reyes_13 Ana Munoz Reyes_14 Ana Munoz Reyes_15 Ana Munoz Reyes_16 Ana Munoz Reyes_17 Ana Munoz Reyes_18 Ana Munoz Reyes_19 Ana Munoz Reyes_20


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