Surrealistic art by Daniel Merriam

Daniel Merriam was born in New York in a big family. He mainly paints with acrylic and watercolors. His works are very complex and insightful, one can practically spend hours on studying these works of art.

The artist is very productive and he has already numbers of exhibitions around the globe.

Daniela Merriama_01

Daniela Merriama_02

Daniela Merriama_03

Daniela Merriama_04

Daniela Merriama_05 Daniela Merriama_06

Daniela Merriama_07

Daniela Merriama_08

Daniela Merriama_09

Daniela Merriama_10

Daniela Merriama_11

Daniela Merriama_12

Daniela Merriama_13

Daniela Merriama_14 Daniela Merriama_15

Daniela Merriama_16

Daniela Merriama_17

Daniela Merriama_18

Daniela Merriama_19

Daniela Merriama_20

Daniela Merriama_21

Daniela Merriama_22

Daniela Merriama_23 Daniela Merriama_24

Daniela Merriama_25

Daniela Merriama_26

Daniela Merriama_27

Daniela Merriama_28

Daniela Merriama_29

Daniela Merriama_30

Daniela Merriama_31

Daniela Merriama_32

Daniela Merriama_33

Daniela Merriama_34

Daniela Merriama_35

Daniela Merriama_36

Daniela Merriama_37

Daniela Merriama_38

Daniela Merriama_39 Daniela Merriama_40 Daniela Merriama_41 Daniela Merriama_42 Daniela Merriama_44 Daniela Merriama_45 Daniela Merriama_46 Daniela Merriama_47 Daniela Merriama_48 Daniela Merriama_49 Daniela Merriama_50 Daniela Merriama_51 Daniela Merriama_52 Daniela Merriama_53 Daniela Merriama_54 Daniela Merriama_55 Daniela Merriama_56 Daniela Merriama_57 Daniela Merriama_58 Daniela Merriama_59 Daniela Merriama_60 Daniela Merriama_61 Daniela Merriama_62 Daniela Merriama_63 Daniela Merriama_64 Daniela Merriama_65 Daniela Merriama_66 Daniela Merriama_67 Daniela Merriama_69 Daniela Merriama_70 Daniela Merriama_71 Daniela Merriama_72 Daniela Merriama_73 Daniela Merriama_74 Daniela Merriama_75 Daniela Merriama_76 Daniela Merriama_77 Daniela Merriama_268

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