Julian Onderdonk and his blue landscapes

Julian Onderdonk is an American Impressionist, who creates beautiful landscapes, primarily using blue color.

He is not very famous around the world as he dedicated his life to teaching.


Julian Onderdonk_01

Julian Onderdonk_02

Julian Onderdonk_03

Julian Onderdonk_04

Julian Onderdonk_05

Julian Onderdonk_06

Julian Onderdonk_07

Julian Onderdonk_08

Julian Onderdonk_09

Julian Onderdonk_10

Julian Onderdonk_11

Julian Onderdonk_12

Julian Onderdonk_13

Julian Onderdonk_14

Julian Onderdonk_15

Julian Onderdonk_16

Julian Onderdonk_17

Julian Onderdonk_18

Julian Onderdonk_19


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