David Gray’s romantic paintings

David Gray is a famous American painter who paints romantic and emotional pictures. He is a master of the depicting the beauty of the child and the femininity of the woman. No wonder that his pictures are  included in many discriminating private art collections

He received  several national awards and he was captured by many publication.

“Whether he is painting still lifes or figures, Gray brings a deep knowledge of and respect for the masters that translates into an elegant minimalism on canvas or panel. His tonalist portraits usually focus solely on the head and shoulders, while his still lifes feature timeless objects such as copper pots and china teacups surrounded by generous doses of negative space.” 
–Bonnie Gangelhoff, Southwest Art Magazine



David Gray _01

David Gray _06

David Gray _07

David Gray _08

David Gray _09

David Gray _10

David Gray_11

David Gray_13

David Gray_14

David Gray_15

David Gray_16

David Gray_17

David Gray_18

David Gray_19

David Gray_20

David Gray_21

David Gray_22

David Gray_23

David Gray_24

David Gray_25

David Gray_26

David Gray_27

David Gray_28

David Gray_29

David Gray_30

David Gray_31

David Gray_32

David Gray_33

David Gray_112

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