Christine Comyn

Christine Comyn was born in 1957 in Belgium. She is one of the most respectable and famous painters in Europe.

She started her artistic path with aquarelle paintings, and then she skillfully experimented with acrylic paints, cole and pastel and mixed all of this with the unique images that are the combination of the spiritual and emotional component.

Christine Comyn_06

Christine Comyn_07

Christine Comyn_08

Christine Comyn_09

Christine Comyn_10

Christine Comyn_11

Christine Comyn_12

Christine Comyn_13

Christine Comyn_14

Christine Comyn_15

Christine Comyn_16

Christine Comyn_17

Christine Comyn_18

Christine Comyn_19

Christine Comyn_20

Christine Comyn_21

Christine Comyn_22

Christine Comyn_23

Christine Comyn_24

Christine Comyn_25

Christine Comyn_26

Christine Comyn_27 Christine Comyn_28




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