David Rieled

David Rieled was born in Indiana in 1956 and then studied ART in Arizona.

His works are very close the Old Masters style with its plain symbolism and deep palette.

“The still–lifes al contain objects that are individually beautiful, But the starting point is when objects interact with light, shape, and color to form a larger dynamic. Some Paintings will focus on a quieter play of light within an environment, or perhaps I will focus on strong contrasts of value or color. I enjoy creating a sense of depth and contrast where I can explore ways to balance the different elements and build a sense of movement into the painting.”



David Riedel_01

David Riedel_02

David Riedel_03

David Riedel_04

David Riedel_05

David Riedel_06

David Riedel_07

David Riedel_08

David Riedel_09

David Riedel_10

David Riedel_11

David Riedel_12

David Riedel_13

David Riedel_14

David Riedel_15

David Riedel_16

David Riedel_17

David Riedel_18

David Riedel_19

David Riedel_20

David Riedel_21

David Riedel_22

David Riedel_23

David Riedel_24

David Riedel_25

David Riedel_26

David Riedel_27

David Riedel_28

David Riedel_29


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