Erica Laszlo

Erica Laszlo is a contemporary artist who was born in Hungary, and then moved to UK, where she began her artistic career.

She studied art in Harrow School off Art.Now Erica moved back to Hungary.

In her works she skillfully outlines the everyday life of the woman who values her leisure.

Erica Laszlo_01

Erica Laszlo_02

Erica Laszlo_03

Erica Laszlo_04

Erica Laszlo_05

Erica Laszlo_06

Erica Laszlo_07

Erica Laszlo_08

Erica Laszlo_09

Erica Laszlo_11

Erica Laszlo_12

Erica Laszlo_13

Erica Laszlo_14

Erica Laszlo_15

Erica Laszlo_16

Erica Laszlo_17

Erica Laszlo_18

Erica Laszlo_19

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