Country life painted by John Sloane

John Sloane is an American painter who is working in a realistic manner.

His works manifest the admiration of the nature in all four seasons and enjoyment of the country life.

John Sloane_01

John Sloane_02

John Sloane_03

John Sloane_04

John Sloane_05

John Sloane_06

John Sloane_07

John Sloane_08

John Sloane_09

John Sloane_10

John Sloane_11

John Sloane_12

John Sloane_13

John Sloane_14

John Sloane_15

John Sloane_16

John Sloane_17

John Sloane_18

John Sloane_19

John Sloane_20

John Sloane_21

John Sloane_22

John Sloane_23

John Sloane_24

John Sloane_25

John Sloane_26

John Sloane_27

John Sloane_28

One thought on “Country life painted by John Sloane

  1. I realy forget my self while i was looking at these very very nice paints, i fall in happiness, i dont have enough words to thank the great person : John Sloane
    I have a lot of thanks for all team who let me see this very nice works
    Mamoun Al Rahhal
    chief librarian of National Agricultural Policy Center NAPC
    Damascus – Syria


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