Flower landscapes by Egidio Antonaccio

Egidio Antonaccio is an Italian painter.

In 1981 he moved to USA and Southern Caroline became his home and its mountains, heels and valleys became an inspiration for the painter. Egidio is mainly famous for his colorful landscapes with its elegant gardens. His paintings are very gentle and light, and the themes are very romantic.

Egidio Antonaccio_01

Egidio Antonaccio_02

Egidio Antonaccio_03

Egidio Antonaccio_04

Egidio Antonaccio_05

Egidio Antonaccio_06

Egidio Antonaccio_07

Egidio Antonaccio_08

Egidio Antonaccio_09

Egidio Antonaccio_10

Egidio Antonaccio_11

Egidio Antonaccio_13

Egidio Antonaccio_14

Egidio Antonaccio_15

Egidio Antonaccio_16

Egidio Antonaccio_17

Egidio Antonaccio_18

Egidio Antonaccio_19

Egidio Antonaccio_20

Egidio Antonaccio_21

Egidio Antonaccio_22

Egidio Antonaccio_23

Egidio Antonaccio_24

Egidio Antonaccio_25

Egidio Antonaccio_26

Egidio Antonaccio_27

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