Still life by Guy Cambier

Guy Cambier was born in 1923 in Belgium. Rembrandt has always been his idol since he saw his works in Brussel.

Later Guy moved to Monaco where he became very famous.  He exhibited his works in Nice, Cannes, Paris, Geneva, Zurich, etc.

Guy Cambier_01

Guy Cambier_02

Guy Cambier_03

Guy Cambier_04

Guy Cambier_05

Guy Cambier_06

Guy Cambier_07

Guy Cambier_08

Guy Cambier_09

Guy Cambier_10

Guy Cambier_11

Guy Cambier_12

Guy Cambier_13

Guy Cambier_14

Guy Cambier_15

Guy Cambier_16

Guy Cambier_17

Guy Cambier_18

Guy Cambier_19

Guy Cambier_20


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