Hyper realistic drawings by Franko Clun

Franko Clun has no special genre, except for the brilliant technique in pencil drawings. It is almost impossible to find the difference between his works and real photos.

He usually paints people and animals with the great attention to details, that was always the case with all the greatest artists. Interesting fact that Frank has been studied art, and the brilliance of his technique is a purely the product of self education.

The Italian artist says:

“This year (2012) I celebrates my half a century. If it is true that a picture can explain more than thousand words, I am what you see on the selfportrait above.
The picture says I love drawing and I love the graphite (also said I have an ugly face, but you are kind and pretend not to notice). I always had overwhelming passions, and the drawing is one of them. For a long time I have left to devote to other things, but I returned three years ago. Unfortunately I did not study art, and everything I know I learned from experience and from reading some drawing manuals. For the moment I’m posting old drawings, but the company of many great artists pushed me back to draw, so be careful: I’m at work.”


Franko Clun_01

Franko Clun_02

Franko Clun_03


Franko Clun_04

Franko Clun_05

Franko Clun_06

Franko Clun_07

Franko Clun_08

Franko Clun_09

Franko Clun_10

Franko Clun_11

Franko Clun_12

Franko Clun_13

Franko Clun_14

Franko Clun_15

Franko Clun_16

Franko Clun_17

Franko Clun_18

Franko Clun_19

Franko Clun_20

Franko Clun_21

Franko Clun_22

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