Flowers composition by Pieter Wagemans

Pieter Wagemans is a painter from Belgium, who is considered to be a master of the flower still life. He inherited his gift from his father.

The artist is very attentive to details, and sometimes it takes the entire day to paint one flower of the bouquet.
Pieter Wagemans_01

Pieter Wagemans_02

Pieter Wagemans_03

Pieter Wagemans_04

Pieter Wagemans_05

Pieter Wagemans_06

Pieter Wagemans_07

Pieter Wagemans_08

Pieter Wagemans_09

Pieter Wagemans_10

Pieter Wagemans_11

Pieter Wagemans_12

Pieter Wagemans_13

Pieter Wagemans_14

Pieter Wagemans_15

Pieter Wagemans_16

Pieter Wagemans_17

Pieter Wagemans_18

Pieter Wagemans_19

Pieter Wagemans_20

Pieter Wagemans_21

Pieter Wagemans_22

Pieter Wagemans_23

Pieter Wagemans_24

Pieter Wagemans_25

Pieter Wagemans_26

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