“Forbidden City” by Jiang Guo Fang

Jiang Guo Fang is a painter from China, who is often called “The painter of Forbidden City”.

What is special about this artist is that his works are based on a deep knowledge of History of China. He creates a melancolic atmosphere of imperial palace from the Ming dynasty, where only Royalty had a right to live. The palace was built in 1420 and is regarded as the largest construction in the world.

The painter gives us a chance to have a closer look at the life in Palace and at the beautiful women that were part of the Royal life at that time.

Jiang Guo Fang_20

Jiang Guo Fang_19

Jiang Guo Fang_18

Jiang Guo Fang_17

Jiang Guo Fang_16

Jiang Guo Fang_15

Jiang Guo Fang_14

Jiang Guo Fang_13

Jiang Guo Fang_12

Jiang Guo Fang_11

Jiang Guo Fang_10

Jiang Guo Fang_09

Jiang Guo Fang_08

Jiang Guo Fang_07

Jiang Guo Fang_06

Jiang Guo Fang_05

Jiang Guo Fang_04

Jiang Guo Fang_02

Jiang Guo Fang_01

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