Nature by Juan Fortuny

Juan Fortuny is a contemporary Spanish painter, who captures the beauty of the surrounding world and transmit it on the canvas. The main subject matter of his pictures is the nature and its various manifestations. Almost each of his painting, despite of the topic always, has an element of flowers, which creates a romantic atmosphere. The main features of his works are wonderful soft palette along with high focus on nature.

The painter lives close to the natural park Montserrat Mountain, therefore he is in constant contact with nature which the apparently inspires him every day.


Visit the painter’s web page to see more works


Juan Fortuny_42

Juan Fortuny_41

Juan Fortuny_40

Juan Fortuny_39

Juan Fortuny_38

Juan Fortuny_37

Juan Fortuny_36

Juan Fortuny_35

Juan Fortuny_34

Juan Fortuny_33

Juan Fortuny_32

Juan Fortuny_31

Juan Fortuny_30

Juan Fortuny_29

Juan Fortuny_28

Juan Fortuny_27

Juan Fortuny_26

Juan Fortuny_25

Juan Fortuny_24

Juan Fortuny_23

Juan Fortuny_22

Juan Fortuny_21

Juan Fortuny_20

Juan Fortuny_19

Juan Fortuny_18

Juan Fortuny_17

Juan Fortuny_16

Juan Fortuny_15

Juan Fortuny_14

Juan Fortuny_13

Juan Fortuny_12

Juan Fortuny_11

Juan Fortuny_10

Juan Fortuny_09

Juan Fortuny_08

Juan Fortuny_07

Juan Fortuny_06

Juan Fortuny_05

Juan Fortuny_04

Juan Fortuny_03

Juan Fortuny_02


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