Karol Bak

Karol Bak is a painter from Poland, who creates wonderful dynamic images of women surrounded with the glory and passion. The artist uses primarily uses gold and gray colors along with the great attention to details, creating magical images that look very realistic, yet devine. His works are breathtaking due to the excellent technique and creative approach to the simple things.

At the artists web-site it is presented that his works can be broken down to the categories: “The Sailing Ships Cycle”, “The Dialogues Cycle”, “The Cocoons Cycle”, “The Aureoles Cycle”, “The Four Elements Cycle”, “Judith and Salome Cycle”, etc.

Karol is a painter, draftsman and graphic artist. He was graduated in Poland and currently lives in Poznan. But the artist is famous in the world and his works are mainly exhibited in Germany and Netherlands.

I would recommend to have a look at the other works of the artists on his personal web page http://www.karolbak.com/



Karol Bak_01

Karol Bak_02

Karol Bak_03

Karol Bak_04

Karol Bak_05

Karol Bak_06

Karol Bak_07

Karol Bak_08

Karol Bak_09

Karol Bak_10

Karol Bak_11

Karol Bak_12

Karol Bak_14

Karol Bak_15

Karol Bak_16

Karol Bak_17

Karol Bak_18

Karol Bak_20

Karol Bak_21

Karol Bak_22

Karol Bak_23

Karol Bak_24

Karol Bak_25

Karol Bak_26

Karol Bak_27

Karol Bak_28

Karol Bak_29

Karol Bak_32

Karol Bak_33

Karol Bak_34

Karol Bak_35

Karol Bak_36

Karol Bak_37

Karol Bak_38

Karol Bak_40

Karol Bak_42

Karol Bak_44

Karol Bak_45

Karol Bak_46

Karol Bak_47

Karol Bak_48

Karol Bak_49

Karol Bak_50

Karol Bak_51

Karol Bak_52

Karol Bak_53

Karol Bak_54

Karol Bak_55

Karol Bak_56

Karol Bak_57

Karol Bak_58


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