Arunas Rutkus and his Magic images

The more I go forward with my research for contemporary painters, the more I am astonished with the vivid talent and creativity of these people. Each painter creates something new and special, and to be honest, all of them are geniuses on their own.

To my mind art is something that one should feel, not understand. Art conveys emotions and changes moods.

Arunas Rutkus is a painter from Lithuania, who mainly works with oil on canvas.

One should not be an expert to be drawn to these paintings due to their creative representation of the woman face accompanying with the various accents like mask, hat or any cloth item. The most distinguished feature of his works is the play with different shades of the same palette. The main color of these paintings is beige, but the artists skillfully finds the different tomes and shades in order to create the images that are so magical and appealing.


Arunas Rutkus_01

Arunas Rutkus_02

Arunas Rutkus_03

Arunas Rutkus_04

Arunas Rutkus_05

Arunas Rutkus_06

Arunas Rutkus_07

Arunas Rutkus_08

Arunas Rutkus_09

Arunas Rutkus_10

Arunas Rutkus_11

Arunas Rutkus_12

Arunas Rutkus_13

Arunas Rutkus_14

Arunas Rutkus_15

Arunas Rutkus_16

Arunas Rutkus_17

Arunas Rutkus_18

Arunas Rutkus_19

Arunas Rutkus_20

Arunas Rutkus_21

Arunas Rutkus_22

Arunas Rutkus_23

Arunas Rutkus_24

Arunas Rutkus_25

Arunas Rutkus_26

Arunas Rutkus_27

Arunas Rutkus_28

Arunas Rutkus_29

Arunas Rutkus_30

Arunas Rutkus_31

Arunas Rutkus_32

Arunas Rutkus_33

Arunas Rutkus_34

Arunas Rutkus_35

Arunas Rutkus_36

Arunas Rutkus_37

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