Realism by David Jon Kassan

David Jon Kassan is a very famous American painter. Extraordinary talent of the artist allows him to create wonderful realistic painting of people. The unique feature of his works is that all people have a vast range of emotions stoned on their faces, which David skillfully conveys on the canvas.

I am deeply amazed about how the painter provides us the opportunity to read the character and in general life of the subjects of his works.

One of the reasons why David paints people so well is that he studied the human anathomy, which helps him to understand the structure of the muscles and the skin.

David Jon Kassan_01 David Jon Kassan_17 David Jon Kassan_16 David Jon Kassan_15 David Jon Kassan_14 David Jon Kassan_13 David Jon Kassan_12 David Jon Kassan_11 David Jon Kassan_10 David Jon Kassan_09 David Jon Kassan_08 David Jon Kassan_07 David Jon Kassan_06 David Jon Kassan_05 David Jon Kassan_04 David Jon Kassan_03 David Jon Kassan_02



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