Childhood in works of Shirley Deaville

Shirley Deaville is a Canadian painter that creates a light and magical paintings.

The viewer of her works can grasp the beauty of surrounding world that Shirley conveys it through the images of animals, nature and children. Her works are extremely positive and they bring us to our childhood.

You can find more about the artist by visiting her web page


shirley deaville_01

shirley deaville_02

shirley deaville_03

shirley deaville_04

shirley deaville_05

shirley deaville_06

shirley deaville_07

shirley deaville_09

shirley deaville_10

shirley deaville_11

shirley deaville_12


shirley deaville_13

shirley deaville_14

shirley deaville_15

shirley deaville_16

shirley deaville_17

shirley deaville_18

shirley deaville_19

shirley deaville_20

shirley deaville_21

shirley deaville_22

shirley deaville_23

shirley deaville_24

shirley deaville_25

shirley deaville_26

shirley deaville_27

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