Watercolors by Tsukiyo Ono

Japanese watercolorist Tsukiyo Ono creates wonderful paintings of flowers using an amazing bright palette.

With the help of her art she make an attempt to make the surrounding world more positive and beautiful. In general flowers as a subject matter of the painting gives a vast opportunity to play with shapes and colors, and there will always be something new to capture and then convey it on the canvas.


Tsukiyo Ono_01 Tsukiyo Ono_02 Tsukiyo Ono_03 Tsukiyo Ono_04 Tsukiyo Ono_05 Tsukiyo Ono_06 Tsukiyo Ono_07 Tsukiyo Ono_08 Tsukiyo Ono_09 Tsukiyo Ono_10 Tsukiyo Ono_11 Tsukiyo Ono_12 Tsukiyo Ono_13 Tsukiyo Ono_14 Tsukiyo Ono_15 Tsukiyo Ono_16 Tsukiyo Ono_17 Tsukiyo Ono_18 Tsukiyo Ono_19 Tsukiyo Ono_20 Tsukiyo Ono_21 Tsukiyo Ono_22 Tsukiyo Ono_23 Tsukiyo Ono_24


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