Cityscape by Van Tame

Each part of the world, each city or town has definitely own unique aura. People usually bring something new from visiting the particular place and that would not be exaggeration to say that travelling changes people and their character. When one sees how big and diverse the world is, people look at the everyday things differently. The magic of new places heels wound and cures sadness, gives a feeling of freedom and unlimited energy.

Van Tame was born in Laos, but lives in France for the last 30 years.His style can be regarded as Impressionism due to the bold brush-strokes and the shapes that are vague. The painter captures the reflection of the object rather than the object itself, he paints the atmosphere of the rainy day and the motion in the night New York or London. Normally the paintings are large-sized in order to fully create the  transient effects.

Van Tame_01 Van Tame_02 Van Tame_03 Van Tame_04 Van Tame_05 Van Tame_06 Van Tame_07 Van Tame_10 Van Tame_11 Van Tame_12 Van Tame_13 Van Tame_14 Van Tame_15 Van Tame_16 Van Tame_17 Van Tame_18 Van Tame_19 Van Tame_20


2 thoughts on “Cityscape by Van Tame

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