Dynamic changes by Michelle Jader

Michelle Jader creates absolutely unique painting of people in motion. Her works are incredibly dynamic and very inspiring, because metaphorically represent the changes that happen to people.

Normally, changes are always accompanied by the feeling of uncertainty and by the fear of unknown, but it also feels like a free fall. In the series of works «Leaps and Bounds» the painter presents people in the metamorphosis process.

In Michelle’s web page she mentioned that she worked in business for 10 years before realizing her passion and beginning following heart.




Michelle Jader_01 Michelle Jader_02 Michelle Jader_03 Michelle Jader_04 Michelle Jader_05 Michelle Jader_06 Michelle Jader_09 Michelle Jader_10 Michelle Jader_11 Michelle Jader_12 Michelle Jader_13 Michelle Jader_14 Michelle Jader_16 Michelle Jader_17 Michelle Jader_18 Michelle Jader_19 Michelle Jader_20 Michelle Jader_21

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