Michal Orlowski

Michal Orlowski is a painter and architect from Poland who is a master of watercolors technique. His works are so remarkable due to the wonderful colorful travel to France, Greece, Italy and Poland.

The artist is convinced that the watercolor painting is a unique technique that can create a light and transparent effects, freedom and emotions. He usually paints when he is travelling or at home he uses the photos that he made in different places. He says that the watercolors are very stubborn and unexpected, that is why this technique brings an amazing and unique result.



Michal Orlowski_01 Michal Orlowski_02 Michal Orlowski_03 Michal Orlowski_04 Michal Orlowski_05 Michal Orlowski_06 Michal Orlowski_07 Michal Orlowski_08 Michal Orlowski_09 Michal Orlowski_10 Michal Orlowski_11 Michal Orlowski_12 Michal Orlowski_13 Michal Orlowski_14 Michal Orlowski_15 Michal Orlowski_16 Michal Orlowski_17 Michal Orlowski_18 Michal Orlowski_19 Michal Orlowski_20 Michal Orlowski_21 Michal Orlowski_22 Michal Orlowski_23 Michal Orlowski_24 Michal Orlowski_25

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