Hyperrealism: Linnea Strid

Linnea Strid was born in Sweden in 1983. When she was 16 she moved to Spain with her family and there she started her career as an artist.

She primarily paints in hyper-realism style. Her pictures are usually very emotional and colorful, they convey the mood of the situation. One can sort of capture the moments and feel the dynamic of the event that is so skillfully painted.

Strid_23 Strid_22 Strid_21 Strid_20 Strid_19 Strid_18 Strid_17 Strid_16 Strid_15 Strid_14 Strid_13 Strid_12 Strid_11 Strid_10 Strid_9 Strid_8 Strid_7 Strid_6 Strid_5 Strid_4 Strid_3 Strid_2 Strid_1

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