Floral women by Cecilia Paredes

Cecilia Paredes is a painter from Lima, Peru, who found her own style to show the woman’s body in connection with the nature. The painter attempts to show that this connection is unbreakable and it is a so-called dialogue.

The paintings are very bright and magnificent in their composition.

Cecilia lives and works in USA and holds her exhibition around the world.

Cecilia Paredes_01 Cecilia Paredes_02 Cecilia Paredes_03 Cecilia Paredes_04 Cecilia Paredes_05 Cecilia Paredes_06 Cecilia Paredes_07 Cecilia Paredes_08 Cecilia Paredes_09 Cecilia Paredes_10 Cecilia Paredes_11 Cecilia Paredes_12 Cecilia Paredes_13 Cecilia Paredes_14 Cecilia Paredes_15 Cecilia Paredes_16 Cecilia Paredes_17 Cecilia Paredes_18 Cecilia Paredes_19 Cecilia Paredes_20 Cecilia Paredes_21



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