Mel Ramos

Mel Ramos is an American artist that was mainly working in Pin Up style. He specializes in painting nude pictures combining realism and abstract art.

But he became  especially famous for his works in Pop Art style and the painting of Pin-up models that were very popular in the middle of 20th century.

The artist used to work as a university art professor and exhibited his works in US and Europe.

Mel_Ramos_14 Mel_Ramos_13 Mel_Ramos_12 Mel_Ramos_11 Mel_Ramos_10 Mel_Ramos_9 Mel_Ramos_8 Mel_Ramos_7 Mel_Ramos_6 Mel_Ramos_5 Mel_Ramos_4 Mel_Ramos_3 Mel_Ramos_2 Mel_Ramos_1

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