Pin-Up by Edward Runci

       Edward Runci ia another famous pin-up artist that was active in mid 20s. He was born in Italy and started painting at the early age.

       Then he moved to his father to Pennsylvania. The young artists won the art contest and got a scholarship in the local University. Even thought he was rather successful in what he was doing, the Edward’s father was trying to convince him to leave the school and search for a job. After the war he had his first exhibition, and afterwards his career began to develop faster.

At the beginning of his career the artist was painting pin-up girls for various calendar issues. His wife Maxine was often posing him.

      Unfortunately Edward was not very famous in his times, though he developed his own unique trade mark. His pin-up models were chic, voluptuous, blond Marilyn Monroe-type divas.

Edward Runci_25 Edward Runci_24 Edward Runci_23 Edward Runci_22 Edward Runci_21 Edward Runci_20 Edward Runci_19 Edward Runci_18 Edward Runci_17 Edward Runci_16 Edward Runci_15 Edward Runci_14 Edward Runci_13 Edward Runci_12 Edward Runci_11 Edward Runci_10 Edward Runci_09 Edward Runci_08 Edward Runci_07 Edward Runci_06 Edward Runci_05 Edward Runci_04 Edward Runci_03 Edward Runci_02 Edward Runci_01


One thought on “Pin-Up by Edward Runci

  1. Runci grew from the graphic arts style of his pin up to a master portrait and landscape/still life artist.
    My hope is some day his great works will be seen and appreciated by the world.


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