Pin-Up by Lou Shabner

Lou Shabber was born in England in 1950.

The artist was famous for his gorgeous portraits of the famous women in UK for 25 years. Indeed, the women from his portraits are exceptionally beautiful and refine. Interesting fact that I could not find so much information about the artist, even though his talent is so obvious and his works are so professional.

The artist was using many different technique, such as oil, watercolors and gouache.


Lou Shabner_25 Lou Shabner_24 Lou Shabner_23 Lou Shabner_22 Lou Shabner_21 Lou Shabner_20 Lou Shabner_19 Lou Shabner_18 Lou Shabner_17 Lou Shabner_16 Lou Shabner_15 Lou Shabner_14 Lou Shabner_13 Lou Shabner_12 Lou Shabner_11 Lou Shabner_10 Lou Shabner_09 Lou Shabner_08 Lou Shabner_07 Lou Shabner_06 Lou Shabner_05 Lou Shabner_04 Lou Shabner_03 Lou Shabner_02 Lou Shabner_01

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