Pin-Up by Bradshaw Crandell

Bradshaw Crandell is an American pin-up painter, also known as “the painter of stars”.

He was born in New-York in 1896. He was creating the cover page for Cosmopolitan in 30s an 40s, as well as the cover of other famous magazines. Thus, he became one of the most famous artist of “pretty ladies”. With the time, he stopped working as an illustrator and concentrated on the portraits painted with oil.

In his works he combined the glamour, romance and attractiveness of the woman and the subject matter of his works were usually famous women, such as Veronica Lake, Lana Turner, Carol Lombard and many other Retro Divas.


Bradshaw Crandell_21 Bradshaw Crandell_20 Bradshaw Crandell_19 Bradshaw Crandell_18 Bradshaw Crandell_17 Bradshaw Crandell_16 Bradshaw Crandell_15 Bradshaw Crandell_14 Bradshaw Crandell_13 Bradshaw Crandell_12 Bradshaw Crandell_11 Bradshaw Crandell_10 Bradshaw Crandell_09 Bradshaw Crandell_08 Bradshaw Crandell_07 Bradshaw Crandell_06 Bradshaw Crandell_05 Bradshaw Crandell_04 Bradshaw Crandell_03 Bradshaw Crandell_02 Bradshaw Crandell_01



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