Realism by Guan Zeju

Guan Zeju was born in 1941 in China, Guangdong.The collection of his painting got the very high regards in China, even though his style is not very Chinese. 

Usually his works are very realistic and soft, it is pleasant to look at them and “study” the details of these works. The works of the artists are filled with emotions and stories of people’s life.

In addition the painter is the member of Artists’ Association of China, Director of the Guangdong Provincial Branch of the Artists’ Association of China and Vice-Secretary General of the Oil Painting Research Association of Guangdong, China. Now he lives in States and travels around the world.


Guan-Zeju_03 Guan-Zeju_04 Guan-Zeju_05 Guan-Zeju_06 Guan-Zeju_07 Guan-Zeju_08 Guan-Zeju_09 Guan-Zeju_10 Guan-Zeju_11 Guan-Zeju_12 Guan-Zeju_13 Guan-Zeju_14 Guan-Zeju_15 Guan-Zeju_16 Guan-Zeju_17 Guan-Zeju_18 Guan-Zeju_19 Guan-Zeju_20 Guan-Zeju_21 Guan-Zeju_22 Guan-Zeju_23 Guan-Zeju_24 Guan-Zeju_25 Guan-Zeju_26 Guan-Zeju_27 Guan-Zeju_28 Guan-Zeju_29 Guan-Zeju_30 Guan-Zeju_31


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