Andre Kosslick

Andre Kosslick, 46,  is a German painter who has obtained an excellent technique in painting the landscapes that amaze the viewer with its glory.

The painting is a hobby of the artist rather than an occupation.

In his works the viewer can see how the river flows down the hill, can hear the sound of the wind and the sea, together with the view on tall mountain peaks that frame the picture. Sometimes the artists adds the lonely figure of the woman who stand far away and merges with the environment, creating the entity between people and nature. In general, the works contain the lyrical underlinement and romantic atmosphere.

Andre Kosslick_28 Andre Kosslick_27 Andre Kosslick_26 Andre Kosslick_25 Andre Kosslick_24 Andre Kosslick_23 Andre Kosslick_22 Andre Kosslick_21 Andre Kosslick_20 Andre Kosslick_19 Andre Kosslick_18 Andre Kosslick_17 Andre Kosslick_16 Andre Kosslick_15 Andre Kosslick_14 Andre Kosslick_13 Andre Kosslick_12 Andre Kosslick_11 Andre Kosslick_10 Andre Kosslick_09 Andre Kosslick_08 Andre Kosslick_07 Andre Kosslick_06 Andre Kosslick_05 Andre Kosslick_04 Andre Kosslick_03 Andre Kosslick_02 Andre Kosslick_01 Andre Kosslick_03 Andre Kosslick_02 Andre Kosslick_01

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