Amazing Realism by Paul Lung

         It is very difficult to realize that the black and white pictures that you see below are actually not photos, but the drawings by your artist Paul Lung. The works are made in the realistic style. Sometimes he has to record the video of his drawing process, because people tend not to believe that his works are actually made with the help of pencil and A4 paper.


       The most frequent subject matter of his works is his family and friends, and one can really tell that these portraits are mad with particular love and care. However the most amazing special artistic trait of his works is the images of animals, in particular cats. I can imagine that only the person who really admires these wonderful creatures can create such unforgettably realistic and glorious pictures, where cats are playing the leading role.
Paul Lung is a Chinese painter that currently lives in Hong-Kong. The artist uses 0,5 millimeters pencil in order to create the images that come into his head.Interesting fact is that the artist does not even need the robber, though the process can take up to 60 hours.



Paul Lung_21 Paul Lung_20 Paul Lung_19 Paul Lung_18 Paul Lung_17 Paul Lung_16 Paul Lung_15 Paul Lung_14 Paul Lung_13 Paul Lung_12 Paul Lung_11 Paul Lung_10 Paul Lung_09 Paul Lung_08 Paul Lung_07 Paul Lung_06 Paul Lung_05 Paul Lung_04 Paul Lung_03 Paul Lung_02 Paul Lung_01



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