Magic by Victor Nizovtsev

Victor Nizovtsev is a Russian a skillful oil painter that has perfected his technique in creating magical paintings, that bring the viewer into the childhood memories, where the world is filled with rich colors and  magic atmosphere. Such images appear when you read the fairy-tales written by Hans Christian Andersen or  Brothers Grimm, with their diverse characters and symbolic connotation of each object. The same can be said about Victor’s paintings, where each element has own meaning and one can read his works a book. It is very well possible that the artists is constantly inspired by such written works as mythology, folklore, tales as well as by his own childhood experience and his own family.

Victor Nizovtsev was born in 1965 in Central Siberia, in the city of Ulan-Ude near Lake Baikal.Then later he moved with his parents from Russia to Moldova, where the painter was living in a small town that was placed in the heart of the region’s wine country, which could also influence his aesthetic perception of the surrounding world. He studied art in Kotovsk Art School for Children, Repin College for Art, after which he studied at prestigious Vera Muhina University for Industrial Arts in St. Petersburg, Russia. Later Victor moved to the US where his developed his artistic career and enjoyed his professional success.


Nizovzev_01 Nizovzev_02 Nizovzev_03 Nizovzev_04 Nizovzev_05 Nizovzev_06 Nizovzev_07 Nizovzev_08 Nizovzev_09 Nizovzev_10 Nizovzev_11 Nizovzev_12 Nizovzev_13 Nizovzev_14 Nizovzev_15 Nizovzev_16 Nizovzev_17  Nizovzev_19 Nizovzev_20 Nizovzev_21 Nizovzev_22 Nizovzev_23 Nizovzev_24 Nizovzev_25 Nizovzev_26 Nizovzev_27 Nizovzev_28 Nizovzev_29 Nizovzev_30 Nizovzev_31 Nizovzev_32 Nizovzev_33 Nizovzev_34 Nizovzev_35 Nizovzev_36 Nizovzev_37 Nizovzev_38 Nizovzev_39 Nizovzev_40 Nizovzev_41 Nizovzev_42 Nizovzev_43 Nizovzev_44 Nizovzev_45 Nizovzev_46 Nizovzev_47 Nizovzev_48 Nizovzev_49 Nizovzev_50

3 thoughts on “Magic by Victor Nizovtsev

  1. A master of imagination . A gift to the world. Thank you Victor for sharing your magic with us.


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