Vintage world by Gail McCormack

Australian painter Gail McCormack has perfected her technique in conveying the spirit of vintage time on canvas.

She works in her studio in Mornington Peninsula. She seeks the beauty and positive in surrounding world in this rather complicated and tense times. She actively refuses to think negatively, and therefore the artist is aimed to show the world in its cozy, warm and homey way.

Gail is an owner of the shop where she sells her favourite pink vintage clothes and home items, that can improve the everyday life of the woman and create the positive atmosphere of each day.


Mccormack_01 Mccormack_02 Mccormack_03 Mccormack_04 Mccormack_05 Mccormack_06 Mccormack_07 Mccormack_08 Mccormack_09 Mccormack_9 Mccormack_10 Mccormack_11 Mccormack_12 Mccormack_13 Mccormack_14 Mccormack_15 Mccormack_16 Mccormack_17 Mccormack_18 Mccormack_20 Mccormack_21 Mccormack_22 Mccormack_23 Mccormack_24 Mccormack_25 Mccormack_26 Mccormack_27 Mccormack_28 Mccormack_29 Mccormack_30 Mccormack_31 Mccormack_32 Mccormack_33 Mccormack_34 Mccormack_35 Mccormack_36 Mccormack_37



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