Ink on paper by Loui Jover

Loui Jover is an Australian painter that has found own unique approach in creating romantic images by using the ink and vintage book papers.

His works are technically rather simple and the palette is limited by one colored-ink, however this what actually makes the process so complex and the composition of the paintings so astonishing. It is indeed rather difficult to express emotions, feelings and last but not least romance using the ink technique. However the painter successfully manages to create wonderful romantic illustrations that can be placed both in the art gallery as well as in your living room.

The painter lives and works in Queensland, Australia. He has already managed to have few personal exhibitions. In one of his interviews he shares some information about his professional education. he had the training in contemporary art, advanced visual communication and commercial art at Melbourne Art Institute, Gold Coast Technical college and at a visual training institute in Sydney.

the other works and artists’ interviews can be found by following the link



Loui Jover_01 Loui Jover_02 Loui Jover_03 Loui Jover_04 Loui Jover_05 Loui Jover_06 Loui Jover_07 Loui Jover_08 Loui Jover_09 Loui Jover_10 Loui Jover_11 Loui Jover_12 Loui Jover_13 Loui Jover_14 Loui Jover_15

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