Magic by Ronald Companoca

Ronald Companoca was born in 1981 in Arequipa, Peru. The artist has been graduated from UNSA (Universidad Nacional de San Agustin).

His main inspiration was timeless Bosch и Brueghel, as well as such writers as Kafka and Ovidius. Gathering all the impressions and images, the master created his own fairy-tale on canvas.  His imagination pushes the boundaries of the world adding the magic and glory of the world that is seen by the children, who believe in miracles.


99242670_lafoto41 Companoca_0 Companoca_01 Companoca_02 Companoca_03 Companoca_04 Companoca_05 Companoca_06 Companoca_07 Companoca_08 Companoca_10 Companoca_11 Companoca_12 Companoca_13 Companoca_14 Companoca_15 Companoca_16 Companoca_17 Companoca_18 Companoca_19 Companoca_20 Companoca_21 Companoca_22 Companoca_23 Companoca_24 Companoca_25 Companoca_26 Companoca_28 Companoca_29 Companoca_30

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