Cityscape design by Tim Jarosz

Tim Jarosz is an American photographer and designer, that works and lives in Chicago. 

Tim is usually working with the photos of very simple grey cityscapes that we see everyday and do not even notice. However the artist transfers this plain pictures into the colorful, a bit surrealistic, photos that produce the gripping atmosphere and captures the eye of  the viewer. The composition of his works is rather simple, but the selection of the colors and their arrangement that creates the unique aura, and therefore impacts our mood.

That is exactly why the power of Art cannot be overestimated, as it has the biggest influence on people due to its soft but steady radiation.  I truly believe that the picture on your wall can change who you are and can change your life.


Tim Jarosz_01 Tim Jarosz_02 Tim Jarosz_03 Tim Jarosz_04 Tim Jarosz_05 Tim Jarosz_06

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