Kurt Anderson and his flower still life

Kurt Anderson is an American painter that gained the recognition for his amazing flower still life and some figurative objects, like an antient vase, statues and ceramic dishware. But the main subject matter in the artists works remains the flower theme, because here it is possible to play around with various colors and different shades to create a unique palette. Indeed the best way to paint flowers is to use the oil paint that adds the glow and necessary dimension.


The artist has been recognized and his works earned him many honors like the Oil Painters of America, the Salon International  and the Open Market National.  He also won Grand Prize in International Artist magazine’s 2004 Floral Painting Challenge.


Anderson_01 Anderson_02 Anderson_03 Anderson_04 Anderson_05 Anderson_06 Anderson_07 Anderson_08 Anderson_09 Anderson_10 Anderson_11 Anderson_12 Anderson_13 Anderson_14 Anderson_16 Anderson_17 Anderson_18 Anderson_19 Anderson_20 Anderson_21 Anderson_22 Anderson_23 Anderson_24 Anderson_25

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