Contemporary Art

Once I started making my research on contemporary art movements, I found an anourmous amount of different styles, techniques and even more very talented artists. As it is known from the art history, each period had own art movement and nearly all artists were sticking to that particular style that was considered as the most adaptable to that society. Moreover, when somebody made attempts to stand out and do something else, all of a sudden the whole artistic community was aggressively rejecting this painter.

We can see this tendency in the period when the art was moving in the modern direction. Here it is worth mentioning France in the end of 19th – beginning 20th century, when the group of artists that were called Impressionists began to break the main academic rules of paintings. Thus Monet was the first see that the air has a color, Renoir saw the beauty of the softly built women and Pissarro found the way to picture the nature in a way that resembles the dream rather than the reality.

Now one can track many different movements ranging from so popular Hyperrealism and Photorealism to the traditional still lives and landscapes.

The most amazing representatives of hyperrealism are Joel Rea and his big dog against the small men in suits, Omar Ortiz and his minimalistic environment, Linnea Strid and her great attention to details that creates a very distinct images.






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