Otto Müller and his sharp representation of the world

Otto Müller  is another German Expressionist that was part of the group “The Bridge” (die Brücke).

The painter started his artistic path using the elements from Impressionism and Symbolism, but later after joining the group of Expressionist, shifted his style. As it was previously written in this blog, there were two main Expressionism groups in Germany in the beginning of the 20th century. Having a closer look at the works of both groups I made my own conclusions that “Die Brücke” group tend to create sharper and more vivid works then “Der Blau Reiter” (Blue Rider).

Die Brücke was founded in Dresden and that was my first time to view the works of these Expressionists, and Müller in particular. What I can say about my impression is that despite of the “darkness” of these paintings, I felt that the people from the painting were looking deep in my eyes.  One can read the happiness, grief or lust in these people’s eyes.

It is needless to say that it is totally worth to view Otto Müller’s works live and grasp the energy of his works.

Otto Muller_69

Otto Muller_67   Otto Muller_64

Otto Muller_59  Otto Muller_58  Otto Muller_55  Otto Muller_54  Otto Muller_53# Otto Muller_52

Otto Muller_51   Otto Muller_46

Otto Muller_44

Otto Muller_37

Bild 488

Otto Muller_36

Otto Muller_35

Otto Muller_35 (2)

Otto Muller_34  Otto Muller_32

Otto Muller_30

Otto Muller_31

Otto Muller_29

Otto Muller_28

Otto Muller_27

Otto Muller_26

Otto Muller_25

O.Mueller, Zwei Akte im Freien -  -   Otto Muller_21

Otto Muller_20  Otto Muller_19# Otto Muller_13

Bild 007 Otto Muller_11  Otto Muller_9

Otto Muller_8

Otto Muller_7  Mueller46

Otto Muller_1

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