Blue Rider in the eyes of Franz Marc

Franz Marc is one of the most famous German Expressionists, whose art was influenced by Post-Impressionism. He was studying the anatomy of animals to be able to paint them very authentically. His animals were usually pictured in realistic environment with the usage of very bright palette. He created his own line of the symbolic meaning of the colors, i.e. blue was a symbol of masculinity, yellow – femininity, etc.

With the time his style became more abstract and cubistic with its very sharp angles and shapes.

Franz Marc had a quite short life and he was killed at his 36 during the First World War.

Franz Marc_01

Franz Marc_2

Franz Marc_3

Franz Marc_4

Franz Marc_5

Franz Marc_6

Franz Marc_7

Franz Marc_8

Franz Marc_9

Franz Marc_10

Franz Marc_11

Franz Marc_12

Franz Marc_13

Franz Marc_14

Franz Marc_15

Franz Marc_16

Franz Marc_17

Franz Marc_18

Franz Marc_19

Franz Marc_20

Franz Marc_21

Franz Marc_22

Franz Marc_23

Franz Marc_24

Franz Marc_25

Franz Marc_26

Franz Marc_27

Franz Marc_28

Franz Marc_29

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