Baroque by Roberto Ferri

Roberto Ferri is an Italian painter that is working in Neo Academic style.

The painter was born is 1978 in the South Italy, where he was graduated from the Art School.

After moving to Rome, he was astonished by the works of the old Masters, such as David, Ingres, Girodet, Gericault, Gleyre, Bouguereau, etc. However one can see the special influence of the baroque artist Caravaggio. Roberto has accomplished the tremendous work on adapting this style to the present times, preserving the technique and spirit of old times.


Roberto Ferri_01 Roberto Ferri_02 Roberto Ferri_03 Roberto Ferri_04 Roberto Ferri_05 Roberto Ferri_06 Roberto Ferri_07 Roberto Ferri_08 Roberto Ferri_10 Roberto Ferri_11 Roberto Ferri_12 Roberto Ferri_13 Roberto Ferri_14 Roberto Ferri_15 Roberto Ferri_16 Roberto Ferri_17 Roberto Ferri_18 Roberto Ferri_19 Roberto Ferri_20 Roberto Ferri_21 Roberto Ferri_22 Roberto Ferri_23 Roberto Ferri_24 Roberto Ferri_25 Roberto Ferri_26 Roberto Ferri_27 Roberto Ferri_28 Roberto Ferri_29 Roberto Ferri_30 Roberto Ferri_32 Roberto Ferri_33 Roberto Ferri_34 Roberto Ferri_35 Roberto Ferri_36 Roberto Ferri_37 Roberto Ferri_38 Roberto Ferri_39 Roberto Ferri_40 Roberto Ferri_41 Roberto Ferri_42 Roberto Ferri_43 Roberto Ferri_44 Roberto Ferri_45 Roberto Ferri_46 Roberto Ferri_47 Roberto Ferri_48 Roberto Ferri_49 Roberto Ferri_50 Roberto Ferri_51 Roberto Ferri_52 Roberto Ferri_53 Roberto Ferri_54 Roberto Ferri_55 Roberto Ferri_56 Roberto Ferri_57 Roberto Ferri_58 Roberto Ferri_59 Roberto Ferri_60

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